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Aluminium football goal posts for Eaton Oval in Bunbury, WA

April 2 2014 aluminium_goal_posts

We love aluminium, it’s lightweight, easy to machine, and basically impossible to corrode.

These properties make aluminium an excellent choice for outdoor sporting equipment, which needs to resist wind, rain, sun, humidity and more.

We recently installed full-size senior aluminium AFL goal posts at Eaton Oval in Bunbury, Western Australia’s biggest regional city, just under Perth.

The goal posts are nine metres high and the point posts are seven metres high. They have lockable in-ground sleeves so they are secure during the football season and removable in the off-season. Although they are very tall, being aluminium, the goal posts are light in weight and easily removable by any able-bodied person.

We custom fabricate football goal posts for schools, sporting clubs, councils, and the AFL in Western Australia. Based in Perth, we will design, manufacture and install goal posts for any sport.